Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt

January 25, 2018

Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt

I’m afraid that many microbreweries are in denial. Many believe that because they are independent or local, and because they are well-intentioned, that they inherently possess quality.


Quality requires much more than good intentions. Customers are a testament to your quality. Because if you don’t have quality, you won’t have consumers. Fact: People vote with their tongues.

Quality requires a complete management system that allows for quick testing to head off any quality problems, or final-batch checking to validate ABV, IBU, and anything else you can quantify for quality.

Thus, another fact: You need to have quality control measures and systems in place, from the first draw of hops to the final consumption.

Many microbrewers believe their production has quality control. I would challenge them to re-examine their complete systems: from water purity to production cycles, to storage, to cleaning procedures,to distribution, to final consumption. It seems to the 427 Blog that quality starts or ends when the consumer drinks the beer — not when the beer leaves the facility.

If your distributors or retailers can’t be relied upon to preserve the quality of your product, you’re working with the wrong ones. But figure it out: If the beer tastes “skunky,” the consumer will blame the brewery identified on the label — not the distributor.

Speaking of labels, the 427 Blog believes every craft beer label should have the following information

  1. Good until date
  2. ABV-alcohol by volume
  3. IBU
  4. Batch or lot number
  5. Location

You should know that even though Colorado has no specifics about labeling, there was a federal law/regulation that was passed in 1967 requiring that all consumer commodities be labeled to identify the contents of the “good”, the business that made the product and its location, according to the Federal Trade Commission. These numbers 1-5 seem like a good minimum for QUALITY minded Colorado Craft Brewers.

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