The World Series of Beer

November 15, 2018

The World Series of Beer

In America, beer and baseball are married. Together, forever, til death do they part. So it was good to see Sam Adams (aka the Boston Red Sox) beat the California-cool Dodgers for the World Series title this year. In a peanut shell: Beer wins again! 

Think about it: Los Angeles doesn’t really have a beer synonymous with the city like Boston — or St. Louis, or Denver. (I suspect they’re too cool in L.A. to commit to a single beverage.)

Prior to the World Series, it was Miller (Milwaukee Brewers) versus Coors (Colorado Rockies).  The Colorado Rockies didn’t look so good, but at least they gave it a shot. And I really enjoyed the matchup, because when I’m watching a ballgame, I like Miller and Coors.

As I sat at the Colorado Craft Beer Hall of Fame booth at the Colorado Brewers Guild Summit in Ft. Collins — my first year here — I saw some parallels between it and the World Series. It truly is the best of the best of the Colorado Beer World here. It was a great agenda, with good attendance and a variety of vendors.

And the incoming rookies look promising for seasons well into the future; the Fermentation Science program at Colorado State University is taking hold, and the excitement is palpable — including my own. I strongly believe we need to train future great brewers in Colorado so when I’m in my old age in a wheelchair at the ball game, I can still enjoy a tasty craft beer.

A quick shout-out here: “The Wide World of Beer,” a Time Magazine special edition, was sent to me by Tod and Martin at Morgan Stanley. Thanks, guys. I found some great facts in the issue:

  • 10, 1810, marked the first Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
  • Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver has been identified as an “eclectic microbrewery.”
  • The U.S. beer market is about $111.4 billion.
  • In 1955, the Busch Family was declared the “liveliest, lustiest family dynasty in the country.” Lustiest!
  • Pinpointing the start of craft brewing is challenging even for the seasoned reporters at Time: California? New England? Colorado? No one knows for sure.

Speaking of the Wide World of Beer, I recently had the opportunity to go on a Rhine River cruise. I don’t normally go for new laws, but the German Beer Purity law sounds like a great idea to me; the different beers in Germany were fantastic. A tasty trip.

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