Board of Directors

Molly Brown


 Legendary beer server in Leadville, CO during gold and silver rushes living in a two room cabin.  Struck it rich with husband Johnny Brown.  Lived in Denver.  Most famous for effervescent personality and for being passenger on Titanic which generated her nickname, “Unsinkable Mrs. Brown”.  Non-voting Director.


“Buffalo” Bill Cody


 A man who needs no introduction!!  Ran extraordinary Wild West Show after killing millions of buffalo.  He and Ralphie have reconciled and have worked everything out.  Buried on Lookout Mtn overlooking Denver, pop a beer to Bill’s memory. Non-voting Director.


John Denver


Popular singer/songwriter who lived in Aspen.  Most popular song was “Rocky Mountain High” which predated marijuana legalization.  Non-voting Director.


Randy Howell


Founder and current president of Colorado Craft Beer Hall of Fame, but we don’t know how long that will last.  Extensive experience in finance, operations, retail and marketing but a tired mountain climber.  See Profile. Voting Director.




 First University of Colorado live mascot.  Started running with football players onto Folsom Field in 1967.  Also voted University of Colorado Homecoming Queen for 1971.  Was known to prefer oatmeal, barley alfafa and malt in their natural state. Full Disclosure:  This is not an actual picture of Ralphie, but the resemblance is close.  Along with Molly Brown, a female member of board.

Cam the Ram

Colorado State University live mascot. Cam the Ram is the live mascot whose origins date back to a competition held in 1946 to name the new face of the university. The winner was an alumnus who created the acronym CAM from the schools name at the time, Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College.