Services for CO Craft Brewers

1. Let Colorado Craft Beer Hall of Fame set up a store within your brewery.

You do the beer and we’ll do the gear…with your logos. And we split the income!

In addition, we will set up an ecommerce page for your brewery within our CCBHOF website so your store will never close. It’s the bricks and clicks strategy that most successful organizations deploy today.

2. Features & Benefits

  • As an associate of Colorado Craft Beer Hall of Fame

    • Enhance your reputation

    • Leverage your marketing for better beer and merchandise sales.

    • Improve cash flow.

    • Preferential listing on Colorado Craft Beer Hall of Fame Brewery Directory website.

  • Realize the benefits of eCommerce without the hassle. 

  • CCBHOF purchases and expands your inventory with up to $10,000 in merchandise to jumpstart your sales and improve customer satisfaction

  • CCBHOF provides up to $5,000 in customized, merchandise display fixtures with expert merchandise display guidelines to complement your environment and max your sales.

  • Promotional and informational signage to help you sell!

3. If a full-service model, doesn’t work for your organization, please contact us via the form on this page, as we have a variety of options to optimize your gear sales.


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