President's Profile

Randy N. Howell is founder and president of the Colorado Craft Beer Hall of Fame. A devoted craft-beer aficionado, and self-professed numbers nerd, Randy boasts an accounting degree (cum laude, but who’s counting?) from the University of Colorado in Boulder, an MBA in finance, and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation. His focus: operational systems, planning, and cost management.

Randy’s key skill set — cultivating and advancing people, products, and processes — comes by way of 37+ years in retail business and professional service management. As inventory manager for Englewood’s American Home Video Corporation, he navigated an explosive growth period (two to 102 stores in three years) while successfully managing the notoriously mercurial inventory cycles of consumer electronics. As business manager for Kacey Fine Furniture in Denver, he ensured Kacey’s prosperity into the future by re-engineering the company’s financial and merchandising systems: setting up sales reporting systems, traffic reports, departmental margin analysis, open-to-buy reporting, and cost-containment processes.

Later, Randy served as controller for Spectrum Healthcare Services in Colorado Springs, which staffed hospital emergency departments with quality physicians more effectively, and at a lower cost, than the facilities could do themselves.

His distinguished career at Spectrum led to his appointment as chief financial officer for ECI Healthcare Partners, a professional staffing management firm that worked with thousands of physicians and more than 100 hospitals around the country. Responsible for revenue cycle management, financial planning, budgeting, information systems, accounting, and real estate, Randy helped grow ECI to $330 million in annual revenue. Randy served as part of the executive team for ECI’s captive insurance companies, which managed $100 million in assets. Randy also established an exceptionally beneficial employee stock ownership program (ESOP) within the company’s 401k plan. After 20+ years, Randy sold his ownership interests in ECI and moved home to Colorado to raise a beer and toast a job well done.

Turns out, Randy’s still thirsty. So he’s paired his passion for Colorado’s craft beer with his extensive knowledge of retail-ops and professional-services management. His personal mission: to help craft owners, producers, and consumers celebrate and showcase the best craft beers in Colorado, one pint at a time.